Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Belle of the Bowl!
From: Susan

My Jack Russell Story:

We have a 4 and 1/2 month old female JRT, Skillet, who loves to watch the toilet flush! The first time I discovered this, Skillet was in the bathroom with me when I flushed a Kleenex down the toilet. Skillet went bonkers! She put both paws on the seat and pushed her nose down to check things out. It was so fascinating, she boosted herself up on our bathroom scale (which is next to the toilet), so that she could get a better view. As a finale, she nipped the end of the toilet paper and ran down the hall, dragging her victory "streamer" behind her.

Now whenever I go to the bathroom Skillet MUST come with me to watch the toilet flush, or there is hell to pay. If she's in her crate and hears the toilet flush, she cries for us to let her out to see this big event. Skillet is truly the "belle of the bowl!"

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