Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Happy Ending!
From: Lisa Evans

My Jack Russell Story:

I thought it would be nice to share this little story with all you JRT lovers out there!

Last week, I was watching a pet rescue programme on TV and saw a heart warming story about a JRT puppy in Durham. A young woman bought him for company and was really taken with him, but unfortunately he became ill at 6 months old - a stomach disorder. The owner took him to the vets and was told that he desperately needed an operation and lots of vet care that would cost quite a lot of money. Unfortunately the woman couldn't afford this, and she decided to hand the puppy, Toby, over to the RSPCA in Durham for care. After an operation, and some worrying moments when they thought Toby wouldn't make it, he eventually pulled through and made a good recovery. But the RSPCA still had to find a new home for this lively little puppy. They eventually came across a retired couple who lived on the edge of town and who had a large back garden and plenty of time for Toby. They had also owned Jack Russell Terriers all of their married life and their own Jack had just recently died at age 11. The RSPCA had found Toby the ideal home and the retired couple were over the moon about Toby. The final shots of Toby with his new owners, showed Toby darting around and having a good sniff at the retired gents' vegetable patch, and, whilst he was kneeling down on one knee, doing some weeding, Toby ran up, jumped on his knee, pushed his head under the gents' arm and landed him a smart little kiss on his cheek!

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