Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Rosie
From: Misty Brown

My Jack Russell Story:

Rosie is my 14 month old JRT. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old. She is the love of my life. Rosie is constantly doing funny things. One of her funniest antics is she hates socks. That's right, socks. If you come into my house wearing socks Rosie immediately pulls them off and hides them. My husband and I have yet to figure out why she does this. She loves to go riding in my convertible. She sits on the passenger side and watches everything. She has become a real traffic stopper. She is very smart. She loves to play fetch with anything you can throw. We also love to play hide and seek. I am a therapist who works with abused children. I take Rosie to work with me a least once a week. The children love her and she adores them. She is always ready with lots of kisses. Rosie brings a lot of smiles to a lot of sad faces. At night she curls up next to me and lays her head on my lap and sighs as if to say "thank you for loving me" Rosie is truly loved!

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