Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Kipper and the Big Ball
From: P & H Kempenich

My Jack Russell Story:

Hello out there! My name is Kipper. I'm a six years old, smooth-coated, black, brown and white JRT. I was born in Palm Springs, California to a right playful little bitch by the name of Scout; mom, like me, is of the short-legged variety of JRT and she loves to roll a ball around in her backyard. She trained the humans that lived in the house to respond to her every wish (a skill I learned to master at an early age). In fact, I can truthfully say that the humans I live with are extremely well trained. Whenever, I want to play I simply bark at them and before you can say "Homo sapien" the male, whose name is Peter, goes out into the shed in my backyard and retrieves a ball! I have to admire his enthusiasm and energy as he kicks the ball around for me. As a reward for his behavior, I join in and move the ball along the ground nudging it with my shoulder and provided he is real attentive to the game, I sometimes balance the ball on the tip of my nose for him. He really seems to enjoy this! Aren't humans amusing? Helen, the female, really babys me and naturally I rather like that. She calls me her lap dog and a lot of other mushy stuff; I think Peter is jealous. To his credit, he's nice to me and I know that, despite his envy, he cares a great deal for my welfare. As he should considering what a wonderful, bright and endearing fellow that I am.

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