Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Different Color Jack Russells
From: Dawn Taylor

My Jack Russell Story:

Over the weekend I noticed 5 listings in the Sunday paper about Jack Russell puppies. Even though I have 3 of my own I always enjoy calling and asking people what they have.....

Well the first one I called had MINIATURE JACK RUSSELLS, averaging sizes from 6-8 inches. I explained I had never heard of or seen one so small she said it was a new breed size... I was amused so I asked if she was a member of the JRTCA she said "NO WAY THEY'RE TOO STRICT". I thanked her and called another one who had 17 JACK RUSSELL PUPPIES, 6 weeks old ready to go. She to had an interesting litter although she didn't has any miniature dogs she did have RARE Jack Russell puppies. When i asked what she meant by rare she continued to tell me of her BRINDLE, YES BRINDLE Jack Russells. She told me I was welcome to come see these gorgeous puppies but she wanted to warn me the RARE puppies cost a little more $400.00. I also asked if she was a member of the JRTCA and she responded no none of her dogs were registered she said "It takes to much time and money".

After my interesting phone calls I just had to stop and look at my gorgeous guys and thank god I was so luck to find them.

So for all of you out there looking for puppies please research the breed so maybe people will stop breeding RARE AND MINIATURE Jack Russells......

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