Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Vegetable Gardener
From: Susan Boeger

My Jack Russell Story:

Reading the other stories on this page, there are so many traits that JRTs have in common. I think they mimic human behavior for fun. Our two year old Kirby, loved for his gremlin like grin, has taught himself a valuable skill. One evening, I was scrutinizing the tomatoe plants for tomatoe worms when I noticed Kirby standing on his hind legs, head deep in a vine, sniffing loudly. Suddenly he plucked a huge, green horned caterpillar off the vine and ran away with it. He tossed and spit it high in the air several times before devouring it. He got 2 that night, and I got one. Now he helps my husband with this chore on a routine basis, and I wonder if he gardens on his own when we're not around.

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