Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Possum Huntin
From: Tad Eaton

My Jack Russell Story:

Maggie and Hubbell decided they needed to go out for a little stretch as usual about midnight before going "night- night." Before I had a chance to get the light turned on they flew off the front porch and around the side of the house. All hell had broke loose. Hubbell was growling fiercely and Maggie was letting loose her "I'm going to eat the vacuum cleaner- scream bark." We finally found a flashlight and looked under the truck where all the activity was. There was a petrified hissing opossum and her babies. Maggie had it by the face and Hubbell had it by the tail they were both pulling and refused to let go until we broke out the garden hose. Even the hose did little to stop the war. They took turns shaking it and finally gave up when it quit moving. They didn't know how well an opossum can play dead. When we finally got hold of the muddy bloody growling little monsters, we couldn't find a bite one on them. We dumped them both in the tub and praised them for their courage in defending the household from "nasty rats". They were very proud of themselves. Their ferocious attitudes washed down the drain w/ the mud and 30 minutes later, both little bed hogs had settled in for a good nights rest. Were sure the entire neighborhood appreciated the ruckus but we could not have asked for better sentries. We had never seen them behave so wildly and are anxious for the next brave opossum to provide us with another show.

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