Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Spike's Cayman Adventure
From: Laura Horan

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi ! My name is Spike Leon Russell, my friends call me Spike (my mom calls me SPIKE LEE when she’s mad). I wondered if anyone saw me this September on "Michigan Out of Doors" (A Fishing & Hunting TV Show here in Michigan). I was on a fishing trip and they thought I was so cute that they filmed it (I am quite famous you know). Also this summer I got to go with my Mom & Dad to our home in Grand Cayman for the first time. Good thing I am a short legged little guy, because the airline lets me ride up front with mom and dad, not in the hole with all the dogs. I even have my own passport. I love Cayman and hope to meet Popeye (Jack Russells in the Cayman Islands) in December when I go back. Anyhow back to my story. The first morning in Cayman I got up and ran down to the water to check things out. I see this cute little crab run into a hole in the coral, so I put my nose in, just to say HI, and the little bugger grabs my face and won’t let go. Well.... I flipped out. I rolled and jumped and finally he let go and goes flying into the sea, but something still doesn’t feel just right. My mom runs up to see what the problem is and starts screaming for help. She picks me up and runs to the garage, gets a pair of pliers and pulls a huge claw off my sweet little face. Needless to say, I try to keep my nose out of coral holes. I have so many more stories maybe someday I can get my own page up and running and I could continue “Spiky’s Great Adventures”. Wait till you hear about the 6 foot Barracuda in front of our house.

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