Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Great White Mouse Hunter
From: David Reynolds

My Jack Russell Story:

Our JR "Thor" has been a mouse hunter from day one. At three months old, I had him in my office, "mousing" him. He doesn't corner mice like cats do, but prefers to give them a bit of a head start, catch them on the run, and shake them until they... Stop Moving. Always careful to make certain no one in the office was poisoning the mice, and keeping his shots current, I felt this was great exercise for Thor.

Also at three months, he was in the storage room of the office, knocking off mice. Behind a large crate I heard him barking and growling and barking... I tried to call him out, of course no response. I couldn't move the crate or get back to him. I went out to the car to get a floor jack and came in to "free" him. At this same moment, he prances out with a WATER RAT probably close to THREE times his size! The rat was bouncy and wobbly in places that rats aren't, and you could tell the rat had had it. I started out horrified, but pride quickly intervened as Thor pranced over and gently set the rat on my feet. Thor sat, and wagged his tail, looking up at me in adoration... Thor's my baby. Now nine months old, perfectly "square" 15" and 22lbs of solid MUSCLE and just a total ball of energy. Probably will be over "breed standard" but that hardly matters to me.

His favorite game (other than protecting me from opossums [sigh]) is to hang from a chew toy while I suspend him a couple of feet above the ground. He'll seek purchase with his feet against my body and then PUSH with his legs, growling the entire time. I wasn't certain how healthy this was at first, but with those neck muscles. . . He certainly seems to enjoy it!

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