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Story Name: My Baby Bennie
From: Lou Symonds

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi, my name is Lou Symonds(short for Louise). My beautiful baby is “Bennie”. He is two in November. I travelled some 200 kms or more to buy Bennie - I was in desperate company of a dog and chose a Jack Russell. He has been the answer to all my dreams. - although I had thought intensely about getting one for more than 12 months after seeing another JR after a house boat trip 2 years before hand. (This was before I read anything about JR's. It still doesn't change my views, even though Bennie is a handful at times.

Although I had some “trialing periods” with him when he was a baby, it has not thrown me from loving him. Some examples are:

Since having Bennie desexed, he has become very aggressive toward my boyfriend’s dog over his food and toys. I have scolded him when he has fought with the other dog and put him outside for a period of time. Although recently, he has refrained from this behaviour.

I do run him 4kms every morning and walk him for 20 minutes every night. What more can a mummy do!!!!

I recently had him desexed - this was last resort (pressures from family and friends in relation to his peeing inside and bonking anything and everything). I cried when I brought him home from the Vet (he was zonked out and ignored me- I was feeling guilty). I don’t believe in castration - it was a last resort). I thought that maybe the vet could just do a “nip and tuck” just like humans - but not so.

He has since stopped “bonking” my boyfriend’s dog but is still “cocking his leg” on my velvet curtains. I told that if I can take the scent away (using vinegar) he should refrain from this habit soon. Unfortunately I was not able to air the house out (because it is too cold) because of winter and Bennie will only go outside if he has to- too cold for him, even though he is housetrained. Anyway, it is now spring and I believe that the vinegar and the warmer weather should do the trick.

I am a computer person by trade and hope to import some pictures of my baby for you to see in the near future. If you don’t have that expertise, I would be happy to receive a letter and photos from you - I will do the same in return, either via the net or in a letter.

Look forward to communicating with you again, hopefully you have the technology of sending me some pictures of your “baby”.

Best Regards
Lou Symonds and “my baby” Bennie
Morphett Vale,
South Australia

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