Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Cheeto Bandito
From: Yvonne Moore

My Jack Russell Story:

Our little dog, Boon, has an appetite that would better fit in a Dane body! He is always ready for a snack. He will also get on the kitchen table, if he knows we are not looking. He doesn't hurt anything up there, he's mostly just looking out the window. If he's too quiet, and we are in another part of the house, I can say, "Boon! Get off the table!", and there will be a thump as he hits the floor.

We had the dogs out one rainy Saturday, returned home, and ate lunch. Then Dwain went to the couch to watch TV, and I went to the bedroom to read. Eventually, we both fell asleep. I awoke when Dwain came into the bedroom, laughing, and carrying Boon. Boon had his head stuck in a paper can that had held the Cheetos for lunch! He got onto the table, licked the crumbs out of the bottom of the can, and then fell off the table, and was staggering around the kitchen when Dwain found him. Boon was really stuck. His ears were down inside the rim, and it took some doing to get our Cheeto Bandito loose.

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