Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Sneaky
From: Allison Culley

My Jack Russell Story:

My husband and I often go camping on our vacations because its one of the few places your dog can have as much fun as you do. Over Labor Day weekend, we took an extra day and went camping on Lake George (NY). Of course, we took our JRT, Pippin and Cassie (a mutt) with us.

After 2 days of boating and swimming, my husband decided to go on a long hike up Black Mountain. Being less than adventurous by that time, I told him to take the dogs and I'd stay at the site and read. Six hours later he came back with 2 exhausted dogs.

Cassie immediately sunk to the ground and went to sleep. Pippin on the other hand began digging like crazy. My husband stared at her in amazement and asked how she could lift a finger when he and Cassie were pooped. He started laughing when Pippin suddenly stopped digging when the hole was about twice her size, and curled up in it.

After about 15 minutes she walked over to the tent and whined to be let in. She has always liked her creature comforts and felt she should get to sleep in the sleeping bag. We unhooked her leash (since the campground required that dogs be tied up or confined at all times) at zipped her in the tent.

About an hour later we hear a dog barking and people laughing. I turned to my husband and said that sounded just like Pippin, must be another JRT. For about 3 seconds we looked at each other and then simultaneously got up and went over to the tent. Needless to say, no Pippin the be found.

We walked over to the other site and claimed our dog, who was happily playing catch with our neighbors. After 15 minutes on the leash, Pippin was acting tired and whined to go in the tent. We let her in, but positioned our chairs so we could see how she got out.

Sure enough, 5 minutes later we see her little face pushed against the door. Pretending not to notice, we continued talking. Soon we hear "ziiipppp", "ziiippp" as she opens the tent. What really surprised us is when she got out, turned around and zipped it back up before heading to the next site.

Our sneaky little sweetheart spent the rest of the weekend on the leash, much to her sorrow and that of our neighbors.

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