Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Tyler the Candy striper
From: Heather

My Jack Russell Story:

As a 26 year old professional in NYC and an owner of a feisty JRT named Tyler, I often send my Tyler home to Dallas where my parents live. My father has grown attached to my 4 1/2 year old monster and shared a great experience he had with Tyler. My father's girlfriends 98 year old mother, who is suffering from old age and can barely speak has appreciated the love and kindness that my dog (although my dad insists now that it is OUR dog) has brought to her. When my dad goes to work, he drops the dog off at his girlfriends house. Tyler will (as all JRTs do) play madly and then will jump up to the 98-year old womans lap, resting peacefully by her. He definitely senses that she is ill and is not feeling well. I now am taking him back to NYC with me and with some of her last breaths, the elderly woman muttered to me "He wont like NYC". Her nurse tells me that tyler has brought some of the best therapy to her. It is truly amazing! These dogs are a wonderful breed. It makes me so proud to be a JRT owner.

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