Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Willy the Bug Catcher
From: Sandi Burt

My Jack Russell Story:

Willy is a smooth coat, short legged, 3 year old JRT and, of course, my baby. He has to sleep under the blanket with us and is at my side every minute of the day. He loves anything to play with or chase, including bugs. He watches the cat with envy when she can leap up on the porch rail after flying type bugs. One time, as we were sitting around the pool, a huge flying bug of some sort buzzed our heads a little and then landed near Willy. Big mistake for that bug. Willy immediately snapped vivaciously at that bug and struck mid-air. The bug was then on the ground with Willy playfully pawing and gently biting at it. The bug finally ceased making any movement. Willy looked at it a second then turned his head sideways and lowered his head just above the bug. He was LISTENING for any signs of life from that bug! His antics and devotion keep us smiling.

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