Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: "Skunky Puppy"
From: Pamela A. Mederos-Streetz

My Jack Russell Story:

Several weeks ago we helped some friends of ours by hosting their yard sale at our house; when it was over my partner Victoria was supervising the storing of some garden tables, which were used to display the sale items, into the shed. Suddenly there was a terrible commotion in the backyard accompanied by much shrieking and repeated bellows of our dog Pandora's name! By the time I arrived on the scene I was assailed by the unmistakable fragrance of skunk and the site of Pandora alternately shaking and rubbing her head and body in the grass. It seems that a neighborhood skunk had set up housekeeping in the rear of our garden shed and when discovered by our JRT promptly served with an eviction notice! After several applications of "Skunk Kleen" neutralizing solution and a bath with some "PPP Skunk Odor Shampoo" the new perfume was subdued enough to allow all of us to relax a bit; it was at this time I was informed that Pandora had entered the shed not once but three times vigorously in pursuit of the skunk and the only way of successfully deterring her from re-entering the shed was the slamming and locking of the door itself as not even the discomfort and stench of the skunking seemed an effective deterrent. Thankfully we have all recovered from this most recent skunk encounter but I can not stress how dangerous skunk spray can be! A direct hit spraying at close range can blind a victim (human or canine) for anywhere from fifteen minutes to three days and has even been known to cause respiratory distress which left untreated can result in painful and un-necessary death!

When your dog gets skunked, neutralize the substance as soon as possible with anything designed for such use and in a pinch use "Massengill Powdered Douche" mixed as directed on package to rinse dog after shampooing. The common use of Tomato Juice is not recommended as the acid content has been known to exacerbate the burning effect of the active ingredient, (Butyl Mercaptan). After taking these measures observe pet and if swelling of the eyes, skin irritation or respiratory distress occurs seek professional help. Obviously if the pet suffers convulsions,loss of conciousness and or vomitting at the onset emergency treatment should be sought immediately!

Good luck and safe hunting!!!!

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