Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Candy Caper
From: Wendy McGinnis

My Jack Russell Story:

I have a three year old JRT named Beau. He is a very resourceful dog, and he has a very sweet tooth. I am a graduate student, so I have a backpack everywhere I go. Well, once I left my backpack at home with a tootsie roll pop zipped in the outside pocket. When I returned home, I found the wrapper and stick on the floor. Beau looked at me innocently. I thought I must have forgotten to zip the pocket before I left. A couple of weeks later, I made sure I zipped my backpack, but when I returned home, I found empty gum wrappers. I decided I wanted to see how Beau was getting the candy, so I set up a video camera. On the first try, 30 minutes into the video, Beau began scratching at the bag. When this got him no where, he unzipped the pocket with his teeth. Then he had the wrapper off the candy in no time flat. I am proud of my very resourceful dog, but I keep the sweets out of the house.

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