Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: He's a Killer!
From: Jenn

My Jack Russell Story:

This just happened as I was reading these JRT stories. My JRT, Simon was in the bathroom whining and I went to see what he was up to. He was up on the toilet and I didn't see anything that he should be whining and growling at. Then.... I looked up! A chipmunk was on the curtain rod (I have NO idea how it got inside!) I grabbed a hairbrush and swatted it. It jumped into the tub and my loyal, brave little JRT jumped in after it, grabbed it, shook it and brought it to me! Needless to say, I've received other gifts that I liked better but Simon is the hero of the evening! The chipmunk was declared DOA and has been disposed of and Simon is now resting in his favorite place - on top of his crate, after much praise and a few cookies. He'd probably let a human in the house for a tennis ball but any kind of rodents better watch out for Simon!

Webmaster's Note: the webmaster can not condone the killing of chipmunks in one's bathroom; however, in this case the terrier is question was defending it's territory. Never underestimate the nature of a Jack Russell Terrier.

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