Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Gracie, A Short Biography of a JRT
From: Anita J. Ziebe

My Jack Russell Story:

Gracie entered this world in Beverly Hills, 90210 on October 11, 1994. She came to live at 92660 in December 1994. At that time I already had one dog, a very gentle loving Golden Retriever named Buck. Gracie was given to me as a Christmas gift. The moment I picked her up I knew we were forever bonded at the hip or perhaps ankle. Thank goodness for Buck though. Had it not been for him Gracie would be incorrigible. He was and continues to be always patient and kind. He taught her all his good manners. They are a kick to watch play together. He gallops along and barks at her while she tries to grab his front legs and his ears. Every once in a while she gets a little to aggressive and he has to come down a bit hard. She will let out this tortured squeal and run to me as if to say mom, look what Buck did. They adore one another though.

Every once in a while I will have to place them in "Doggie Day Care." The handlers there always have some funny story to tell about their day. Gracie carries on terribly if for example they take Buck for his bath. To keep peace in day care Gracie must accompany Buck for all outings away from their suite, baths, shots, walks etc

Her mom Greta is quite a dignified long haired Jack Russell who still resides at 90210 and prefers to live in the manner for which she is accustomed, in the house with weekly baths. Her father is Piglet a long, short legged, short haired Jack. He lives on a ranch and prefers to lie in the mud and roll in @#*!! Gracie seems to have inherited the best of both worlds and traits. She visits the ranch, runs with a pack of JRTs, swims in the creek, but comes home to a warm cozy bed and gourmet dinners.

Gracie loves to bark and is a far better watch dog than her brother Buck. She was the black sheep of the neighborhood until I purchased a bark collar. It broke my heart to have to leave her with the bark collar. She was smart enough though, to know when it was on and when it wasn't. It took about 6 months until I could leave again confident that I would no longer receive hate notes in my mail box.

Gracie will be 3 very soon but continues to possess the same unstoppable energy. In December of last year she had her first experience in a hotel. This December we will fly first class to New York. Perhaps I will be able to add a second Chapter to this story soon, The Travels of Gracie!

Gracie, has brought me, my family and friends more enjoyment and love than I could ever explain. I am so proud to be given a Jack Russell Terrier for which to care in this life. She is my angel dog with a devilish eye.

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