Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Christmas Angel
From: Chadd Sanders

My Jack Russell Story:

I have a JR by the name of Prince Charles. Christmas of 1996 was a very exciting one. The family had purchased an angel costume for his highness. It was a set of silver wings and a gold halo. Of course Charles was in his costume. He was being a ham for the camera. As we started to open gifts our attention was captured by the door bell. A man was saying that he almost ran over a little dog with wings. We laughed and said "Charles has been right here with us all evening". He looked at Charles and said "That's him". We all became confused. Then we were informed that the backdoor was left open. The story began to make sense. Charles had run into the street and when the car frightened him he ran back into the house as if nothing ever happened. We were very thankful that our Charles was safe. He has been our Angel ever since we brought him home.

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