Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Boys Will be Boys
From: Mike Jackson

My Jack Russell Story:

I am from New Brunswick, Canada and I don't yet have a JRT.(waiting to move to the country) My first experience with this breed was with a very nice little dog named Robbie. I was visiting a friend who lived on a horse farm and as I got out of my truck, my friend introduced me to Robbie. We decided to take a walk around the farm as I had never been there. The whole time I kept an eye on Robbie as I was fascinated with this little dog. As my friend gave me the narrated, guided tour, he would periodically shout to Robbie to,"leave the horses alone!". Robbie would periodically bolt under the fence and chase the horses, nipping at their heels(a dangerous sport). The tour continued and Robbie started to bring rocks and circle around me, looking up. Darrell said that he wanted me to throw the rock, but I could'nt as Robbie was banned from rock chasing since he had broken a tooth. We approached a hay barn with a 45 gallon drum sitting by a door. Darrell stopped and said "watch this". He showed Robbie a ball he had in his pocket and threw it into the drum. Much to my amazement,Robbie jumped into the drum and popped out with the ball in his mouth. After some more playing Robbie became bored of us and disappeared. When I got back to my truck, I saw that I had acquired a co-pilot for my trip home. Robbie's rear end was sticking out of the end of a half-eaten large bag of chips I had left on the passenger seat. Did I say half-eaten? Robbie took care of the other half. It was then that I fell in love with this little dog. He had won my heart.

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