Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Surfing Puppy
From: Bob McKeon

My Jack Russell Story:

"Chipper" is a three year old, broken coat JR, who loves the beach and surfing. He loves to stand on the bow of my Zodiac as we travel from our boat to the beach. As we approach the beach, he keeps looking back at me until I tell him to "go" and then he leaps into the water.

"Chipper" is fearless when it comes to diving into big waves. He will constantly swim into waves anywhere from 5 to 6 feet without thinking twice. Once he manages to get beyond the point where the waves are breaking, he'll spend some time swimming back and forth until he's ready to ride one in.

He has an uncanny instinct as to when to catch a wave. As he starts to feel an undertow, he'll make a "b-line" for the shore. The waves usually pick him up as he body surfs with only his head sticking out of the white foam. Sometimes he disappears for a few seconds and gets thrown up on the beach. He shakes it off and dives right back in again. He will repeatedly do this until I order him out of the water.

His other beach activities include diving for rocks on calm days, digging holes so deep you can only see his tail sticking up, chasing rocks I keep throwing in opposite directions (great chance to run), and doing the alligator (rolling on his back in the sand). Saying he lives for the beach would be an understatement.

Our boating season is from May to October. Everyday, rain or shine, Chipper wants to swim. He'll bark at the Zodiac, then look at me as if to say. "Well, are we going to the beach?" He loves all of it except for the bath he gets every time he comes back.

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