Jack Russell Story

Story Name: The Bubbling Fountain
From: Nadine

My Jack Russell Story:

Ahhh, a day out with the family for fun and adventure! Little did we know what was in store. Actually, we were going to the new shopping area with all new park benches, brick walkways, balconies, beautiful flowers and landscaping - the works. Then we saw the new fountains! Powder (my all white JRT) was soooooo excited! There were three fountains - small, med. and large. The large one shot up a stream of water maybe 10 feet - the middle maybe 5 feet, and the little only about 6 inches. Powder could not help herself, she had to catch the little fountain - "There must be something in there" thought Powder. She would bit, snort, swallow, and chew trying to catch the fountain. I was laughing at her and noticed a little girl also laughing at her next to me. In less than one minute everyone in sight was watching Powder! I'd estimate over 100 people were being entertained! Finally I pulled Powder away (soaking wet) and let her cough out the water. She was the star of the day!

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