Jack Russell Story

Story Name: All Hot and Bothered
From: Annastasia

My Jack Russell Story:

I have a JRT named Nina. She is only 8 1/2 months old, and still very full of energy. She is always willing to play and she will play until you make her stop because your worn out. She NEVER seems to run out of energy.

When my husband and I have had a long day and not spent very much time with Nina, she always gets really hyper when we finally get home. So we have taken to trying to wear her out in the backyard with a rubber bone (purple) and a game of catch (of course, she hasn't learned to drop the bone yet because she likes playing tug-of-war better than she likes to play catch!).

One day I decided to wear Nina out on a particularly hot day. At first, Nina was unstoppable, going after the bone as soon as it was thrown and bringing it back for more. After a while she would play catch a couple of times, and then stop at the big rectangular bucket of water we keep outside for a drink. I threw the bone a couple of more times and she stops for a drink again, putting both front paws in the water as she drinks. The next drink she stands in the water as she drinks. And finally, I look over and she has decided to sit in the water. She was just looking at me like I was the weird one.

My JRT is very intelligent and full of fun and energy. She always seems to have a smile behind her eyes. And she makes us laugh every single day! I am so glad I decided to get a JRT!

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