Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Dog that could Move Mountains
From: Laurie

My Jack Russell Story:

When I was a teenager we had a JRT named Basil. He loved to play fetch with a passion he thought he could fetch anything! His favorite was rocks the bigger the better (More of a challenge I guess) he would try to move a rock that would be hard for a weight lifter to move. He would try and try and eventually he got the idea that the grass was in his way and this is why this rock would not roll. He would pull the grass out all around and then try to move it with his front paws this would go on forever! It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. He would also climb up a 4 ft tree to get a beloved tennis ball! He was a wonderful friend and I miss him. I am a mom now and my husband and I are thinking of adding a JRT to our family. We have two children one is 11 and one is 2 we are wondering if some of you JRT owners with children would email us with your experiences with your dogs and kids. I miss my old friend and would love my children to have the wonderful companionship I shared with basil. Thanks :)

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