Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Revenge is Sweet!!
From: Terri Coggins

My Jack Russell Story:

My Jack is 7 1/2 mts. old. Her name is Windstorm. We call her Windy. She was just 3 1/2 mts. old when we had to move suddenly. So into an apartment we went. With our 2 cats. Ugh!! No yard and no escape. That little Windy was always chewing and bouncing all over our cats. One has claws and the other has no claws in the front and could not defend herself. We did what we could and every once in a while the cat with claws would hook one in just right and Windy would cry and just come back for more knowing they could not get away. Don't get me wrong. She was never out to hurt them, she just wanted to play. Well, we just moved into our new house 2 weeks ago and I put the cat with claws out as he prefers to be out. When I put Windy out that first day, she saw the cat and ran after him out of habit. He took off and jumped the fence, then stared down at her with his ears flat. I think he thought she would just jump right up there and get him. Well, she just stood there looking up at him so confused. The very next day, I let the dog out in the morning and she took off to stretch her legs and get the day going. We had not mowed our yard yet, and our cat was laying in the tall grass. I watched as the Windy streak ran past him, unknowing, and he wiggled his butt and attacked!! That dog jumped about a foot in the air!! The cat just sauntered off tail swinging!!

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