Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Never A Dull Moment
From: Pebbles' Mother

My Jack Russell Story:

I adopted this funny little mystery dog and the fun hasn't stopped since. In the year & a half since Pebbles came into my life, here are some highlights: 3 weeks later she revealed a limp & also went into heat. Two surgeries & lots of $$ later, poor little darling is fine & having a great time living in the lap of luxury. She has been bitten by a rat in a big fight, somehow causes other dogs to literally leap out of moving cars for a visit, jumps uninvited into swimming pools, runs up & down the corridors of my condo doing 90 mph, gotten into the elevator when the doors opened & presumably went up & down a few times on her own, saved me from a ticket by terrorizing a cop who had pulled me car over. And the fun goes on. I can't help it, I just love her--it's impossible not to.

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