Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Protector
From: Allison Culley

My Jack Russell Story:

Pippin was always very laid back as Jack Russells go. She ruled our house, but when comfronted with other dogs, she would cringe submissively. Only after meeting another dog five or six times would she play. One of her few friends was a Daisy, a neightbor's boxer. Needless to say, she was always the one to give way when things got too rough.

One day, Pippin, her sister Cassie, and Daisy were playing in the yard when her mother decied things were getting too rough. She went over to Pippin and leaned down to pick her up. At that moment, one of the neighbors boys called "attack" to the only slightly trained Daisy. Daisy immediately jumped from 5 feet away and latched on to Pippin's mother's arm. Fortunately, Dasiy's aim was a bit off and she got mostly sweater and only scrtached the skin.

Pippin didn't know that and only heard her mother's cry of surprise/alarm. With all the spirit and determination of her ancestors, she trew herself at the boxer with an unholy scream of rage. She latched onto the underside of Daisy's jaw and and slowly started grinding her teeth together. Horrified, scared, and hurting the Boxer tried desperately to rid herself of her former playmate, to no avail.

Finally, Pippin responded to her mother's command of "drop it", the only human words she knew for "let go". Horrified at the blood covering both dogs, Pippin's mother rushed both to the vet in seperate crates. The vet sewed up Daisy, who fortunately recovered with no scaring. Pippin, once rinsed off, did not have a scratch on her.

After Daisy had healed, both pups were reintroduced on leashes. Within moments the were romping as if nothing had ever happened. When Daisy approached Pippin's mother, Pippin let out a soft growl. Daisy backed off and has never bitten another person since.

Still submissive to every other dog in the area, Pippin has proven that she's not looking for a fight, but will fight with everything she has to protect her family.

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