Jack Russell Story - Bailey's first swim!

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Story Name: Bailey's first swim!
From: Deb

My Jack Russell Story:

When I first researched JRTs I was sure I wanted one for my family. We found a little tri-color female and named her Bailey. She was very calm and affectionate when we first met her. My two daughters, Laura and Christa fell in love with her and chose her over the two other JRT's which were white and tan.

Bailey's first month with us was a slight challenge because she had gotten kennel cough a few days after we had taken her home. It lasted for two weeks and she was soon fully recovered.

When Bailey was about 16-18 weeks of age, I saw the characteristics of a true Jack Russell start to emerge! She soon turned into a little ball of fire like the breed I had read about.

This summer, Bailey would run in our backyard off lead and we would play soccer with her and tire her out (so we could get some rest in the evening!). However, that fun had to come to an end when Bailey discovered the front yard.

One day in August I thought I could let her play soccer one more time off lead. My mistake! She quickly scampered under our neighbor's chain-link fence, and proceeded to drink the water from their pool. I called to her, running as quickly as I could, watching her on my way. She suddenly,and deliberately jumped into the pool and was enjoying a swim, when my neighbor came out with the padlock key. She opened the gate and I was finally able to help Bailey out. She had been swimming, however by the time I got to her, I could see that she was tiring. When I pulled her out she immediately ran to the good neighbor to say an enthusiastic "Hello".

My daughter later said," Mom, Bailey couldn't have drowned; she would have just swam to the steps." I would like to think that she would have. Jack Russells are intelligent, but I don't think she could have discovered the steps since she had never been in the pool before.

I give myself credit for being cautious and careful when it comes to containing my dog, and yet this still happened to me! After the swim we laughed at how surprised we were that she would do this. That was the last time off lead outdoors. At this time we are installing a fence so Bailey can run and burn up some energy. I just hope she won't jumped over, or dig under it !!!!

Bailey will turn one in a few weeks, and she has already earned the nickname Tazz! When people unfamiliar with JR's ask me what breed she is I say Jack Russell Terrier or TAZMANIAN DEVIL. We love her and she is the source for continuous fun and laughter.

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