Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Was She Lost?
From: Sharon Terhune

My Jack Russell Story:

In April of this year my husband and I went on a trip to Mississippi from Arkansas. On our way home we stopped in a small town in Ar. called Hardy. I had been wanting a Rat or Fox Terrier since we had them when I and my children were growing up. We were shopping in an antique store when I saw a small dog tied up in the corner. The owner asked me,"Do you want a Jack Russell Terrier?" I said "are you really giving her away?", He said "actually I just rescued her off the highway, but can't keep her if I can't find her owner''. I told him to call me if after searching, he did not find her owner, and I would come back for her. After a week he called me and said he had called all the Vets. in the area, advertised it on the radio and newspaper and no one had claimed her. I went back for her and now she is our Baby!! I took her to the vet. who says she is full blood JR, and a good specimen at that. Of course, we don't know her blood lines. She is Approx. 1 year old. She had her first? heat cycle and we now have 4 beautiful puppies. Our pups and 2 weeks old and of course beautiful. I found a picture on the Net from a JR kennel in East Aurora,NY. And that's our Sassy except for a little shorter tail and a few more brown spots. I'm sure it's a long shot to find her previous owner, and I'm certainly not willing to give her up, but I would be willing to give a pup if her REAL owners could prove it and give me her blood lines

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