Jack Russell Story

Story Name: A Wonderful New Addition
From: Sun-Nita Tardy

My Jack Russell Story:

It's funny how life works sometimes. My husband and I weren't even thinking of looking for another dog when one just sort of fell into our laps. Our JRT is a year old and his name is Butch. Butch was dumped and was roaming one of the busiest streets in our neighborhood when he was found. A friend of mine almost ran him over. I took him and hoped to convince my husband that he wouldn't be any trouble. It took Butch about 5 seconds to convince my husband that he was the dog for him. Our other dog was non too pleased with our new addition, but he has grown to love him as much as we do. He protects him like a big brother(not that Butch needs any protecting) I am thankful everyday that Butch found us. I'm hooked on JRT's forever now.

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