Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: No Sleeping In
From: C. Rockey

My Jack Russell Story:

My girlfriend and I own a 6 mo old JRT. His name is Oliver. Marcie (girlfriend) is a teacher so we decided that the best time to get a JRT would be the beginning of summer. Well, now school is back and Marcie gets up and leaves by 6:30! I don't have to leave for work until 9:00. When she gets up, she takes Oliver out to do his business. Then, she puts him back into bed with me (assuming he will go back to sleep). He then proceeds to stare at me, groan, pounce and charge up to my face with a yelp (a few kisses too). I am a very sound sleeper, but Oliver is able to wake me up with ease. Thanks to Oliver, I have not awaken to an alarm clock in months. I guess the alarm feature is just another neat feature of this incredible breed.

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