Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Gracie and The Engagement Ring
From: Jennifer Chaires

My Jack Russell Story:

Gracie is our mischievous 3 1/2 year old JRT. My husband gave her to me for my birthday in June of 1995, and we all moved into our first home the following month. She was the perfect puppy, never chewing up any furniture, just a shoe or two and never relieving herself in the house. I thought we had the perfect dog, until she was about 6 months old. My husband and I were both working in law enforcement and passed each other like two ships in the night, but Gracie was never alone.

One night at about 11 p.m., I was downstairs in our kitchen and took off my engagement ring, so I could put on some hand lotion. I took the rings of and put them on the kitchen table. I had turned around and was putting on the lotion, when I heard Gracie in the other room chewing on something. It was a strange noise. I was used to her knawing on chew toys, etc., but this was different. Whatever she was chewing was making a clanking noise. I went into the living room to "investigate the scene" and told her drop what was in her mouth and keep her paws where I could see them. To my astonishment, she had my engagement ring in her mouth! To top that off, the diamond solitaire and 2 or 3 diamond and sapphire baguettes were missing!!!

I called my husband at work, in a panic. He could not believe what I was telling him. Neither of us knew what to do. We waited until our vet's office open the next morning and called and told them what had happened. They were stupified! They had "never heard that one before!" At that point, the vet said that there was not much we could do. She said we could have induced vomitting right after the incident, but that it was too late now . She also said that xrays would not show anything. Our last alternative was to check her stool.

So, after having already scoured the house and vaccumed up everthing and searched the bags to no avail, we started "poop snooping." We followed her outside for every "drop off" and collected it with a ziplock bag. We had to squeeze the bag and examine it carefully. Needless to say, we gave up after a week and never found the diamonds. We had to replace the ring, but we've still got our valuable, 'lil Gracie.

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