Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Where's Skippy?
From: "Capt." Gary Freiberger

My Jack Russell Story:

I'm the Captain.. so of course there's the Skipper. Skipper is a 4 yr. old smooth coat who has a love for the seas! .....

"Skippy ...wanna go on the boat???" In a flash of white & tan, he's out the door and waiting on the dock. Hours later, no fish are biting but, Skipper starts going into a frenzy!!! What the....?

It appears that a Submarine has surfaced behind our boat! He's nuts now. The submarine is actually a Florida Manatee. He has surfaced to get a fresh breath of air. To Skipper this submarine has got to go! Off he dives, onto the manatee's back!!!

Oh No !!!

Boats are all around, & here's Skipper, trying to bite this overgrown beast of the waters! Luckily, the manatee is in his environment, and submerges to the depths. Poor Skippy... He's biting at the water in search of his prey, but, no luck...

The manatee goes off to live another day, and... Skippy is sound asleep........ shaking, dreaming, of catching that Submarine!

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