Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Missie the Mooch
From: Anna Conway

My Jack Russell Story:

My JRT likes to run away and meet new people. So now she is known around the town. Lately she has been visiting an old persons home. She goes over there and they let her in. Then she makes her "rounds," she goes in a pattern to visit all the elders. She sits with them for a while,and then goes on a walk with one of the ladies. I've been told that it makes the ladies so happy it gives them a reason to wake up each morning. The thing I don't like about it is that the owner of the house feeds her so much junk food she sometimes gets sick. That is why she is a mooch. All JRT owners know how good JRT's can beg. They just sit next to you and look at you with their big brown eyes. You just can't say no.

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