Jack Russell Story

Story Name: First Birthday Thank You
From: Bob Muler

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi Judy,

Thanks a lot for the cool Birthday present. My mom and dad just went on and on about how thoughtful you where to remember my birthday. Sometimes I think that they think that they are the only people who get that attached to their animals, but lets face it, I am pretty darn adorable. All in all Iíve done all right for myself here in Buffalo, Wyoming. Iíve got two BIG brothers named Zeke and Boswell who where pretty scary when we first met, but we made friends and now Iím part of the pack. Zekeís the leader and heís taught me all kinds of neat stuff. We all go out in the morning and do what my mom and dad call patrols. What that means is that we walk all around the property where we are allowed to go and sniff around to see whatís been by since the day before. Iím not exactly sure why we do this, but Zeke seems to think itís important. Zeke and Boswell where real helpful in teaching me where our property boundaries are and I never leave without my mom and dad. That seems to make them happy.

The little girl who my mom and dad bought me for is real nice to me. I get to sleep in her bed when my mom will let me (mom wants me to sleep with her). We play a lot, although I really hated it when she had to go to something called school and I got left by myself with the other dogs. Just to let them know how unhappy I am with this situation, I go around the house and empty the tissues out of the wastepaper baskets. This makes my dad and mom almost as mad as I am about being left alone, but we all make up really fast.

About four months after I moved in here with the Mullers, it started to get cold outside in the mornings and one day I woke up and looked out the window and it was all white outside. Zeke and Bos took me outside and showed me the wonders of snow. You can roll in it and itís almost like taking a bath. My mom and dad worried that my coat wasnít long enough to keep me warm, but I made out just fine. For some reason, my dad shovels the snow out from in front of the garage door and I help. Itís great fun to chase after the snow when he throws it off to the side of the driveway and every once in a while he stops and rolls me in the snow while I chew on his gloves.

When spring finally came and things started to get green again, I discovered something really great. I found out that if I chase that darn old cat off her window perch in my momís bedroom I can see outside to the wood pile. Well, one day I was looking out the window and I spotted a family of bunnies out there! My house has a doggie door to the garage and another one to the outside so I can chase those bunnies any time I want. Bunnies are more fun to chase than cats and they donít swat you in the nose with their claws either. I havenít caught a bunny yet, but Iím still trying. Of course my mom will kill me if I do catch one (sheís funny that way) but my dad understands.

Just this last month, my mom and dad went on what they called a vacation to Lost Wages where ever that is. I was kind of worried because they where talking about what to do with me while they where gone, like they where going to leave me or something. Well they did go to Lost Wages, but I got a vacation too. I got to go to my aunt and uncles house for a week. They have a little girl whoís five years old and two big dogs (Great Dane, Bruno and Labrador Retriever, Jasper) who where great fun to play with. And it gets better. When the weekend came, we packed up the family and went camping at Glendo Reservoir. What a cool place. We met up with a bunch of people who my aunt and uncle know and we spent three whole days at the lake. We went swimming every day (I Love the water) for as long as we wanted, there was tons of kids to play with and when the end of the day came I got to sleep with my cousin in her sleeping bag. Jasper and Bruno where so jealous, theyíre to big to get in a sleeping bag. I was real popular during the camping trip and by the end of it, everyone wanted to know where they could get a dog like me. My uncle never much cared for little dogs (he calls them fu-fu dogs) and until I showed him that Iím a big dog trapped in a little dogís body. I donít think he respected me, but now that heís gotten to know me, weíre great friends.

Well, Judy I guess Iíd better go now, but before I do Iíd like to thank you for getting me off to a happy and healthy start in life. Iím all grown up now and as with any child Iíve left to find my own way in the world. Donít worry about me because I have a family who loves me and a nice home. If youíre ever down this way please stop by for a short visit, weíd love to see you.

Love, Sophie Muller P.S. If you have any pictures of Jack and Jillís latest litter Iíd love to see them. After all, theyíre family!

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