Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Fetch and Seek
From: Jerry Buza

My Jack Russell Story:

We are always on the lookout for ways to challenge and exercise our ten month old Jack Russell, Tanner. After playing "fetch" with Tanner one evening after work, I decided to give him more of a challenge. We live in a tri-level home, so I stood at the mid level and threw his ball down stairs in to the family room, then I ran up and hid in the bedroom. He came up, and looked around but I was gone! Totally undismayed, he started to "seek". It wasn't but a minute before he found me. So, next time I threw his ball down the front hall and hid in the lower level bathroom. No problem, he found me quicker the second time! No matter where I hide or throw the ball he always finds me. Now it's our favorite game. I am still looking for ways to outsmart Tanner. Last night I thought I had him. I took his ball, opened the patio door and threw it into the back yard at night (its fenced, of course) and ran off in to the furthest reaches of the house. Got him this time... he thinks he's so smart!

Nope, he's there almost before I can close the door behind me. I think he cheats!

Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

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