Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Crazy Duck!!
From: Scott Carrier

My Jack Russell Story:

One rainy night, me and my two year old JR named Taz were out for a walk. We have several routes, but that night we headed towards the lake. There are geese and ducks there that Taz always trys to kill when he gets away from me(happens a lot). He will swim around and around trying to catch them. When we walk around the lake, the ducks will usually fly away, but this one duck just stood there as if he wasn't scared. I had to pull Taz away, or he wood kill it. I then decided to head home. The duck started following us, like he had a death wish. Maybe he thought he was a dog, or maybe he was tired living at the lake!! I tried running away, but then the duck started flying towards us. Taz saw that and got really excited. He then bolted away from me and broke his collar. He ran full blast towards the duck, grabbed it by the wing and started chewing. I freaked, I thought it was neat to see his strong hunting instincts, but on the other hand, I felt sorry for the duck. So I quickly grabbed Taz and brought him home. The duck followed us all the way home with a bloody wing. He stayed in my front yard while Taz looked through the window. He wanted outside so bad!! A couple of hours later the duck flew away. I never could understand why that duck was so CRAZY!!!

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