Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Tooth Fairy
From: Dawn Edwards

My Jack Russell Story:

Earlier this week we noticed "Nike" acting a bit strange. His ears started to perk up and stay that way. I panicked thinking he was sick you see he is only 5 months old. He is one of my kids. So I called around checked the net everything. His ears make him look like a little bat. He was running around in circles, rubbing his face, I thought is he choking? All prepared to do puppy CPR, I got down on the floor with him and noticed to tiny little teeth. WOW! I have had puppies before but it has been a while and I never remember them acting like this let alone finding the teeth. My kids were so exited! MOMMA, MOMMA, we have to put Nike's teeth under his bed for the tooth fairy. Lo and behold we did! Nike got two puppy treats from the "Puppy Tooth Fairy" one for each tooth! He was so pleased to wake up and find his treats!

-The Edwards Family

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