Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Moose on the loose!!
From: Rob McCaslin

My Jack Russell Story:

Parka was our first JRT. We bought her way up in northern Maine,as if Maine isn't already northern enough for anyone. On the night we went to pick out our newest addition to our family of two German Shepards, and an Spitz, when we got to the breeders we were met at the door by ten little white streaks of lightning. It is amazing now as it was then. It was up to me to decide, and I could not tell one from the next. They were like a little circus act,jumping from one chair to another, running not only over the couch,but they fit under it as well! The sire of the litter was there running with his little pack and we asked to see the mother. The breeder told us the story of how she had just killed a beaver and had to stay in her crate because she had a few bites on her that needed to heal,but that we could look at her through the front of the crate. I knew then that these dogs were for me! We took a little female and named her Parka after our favorite little restaurant in Conway, NH called the Red Parka Pub. We knew right away that Parka was no German Shepard. Within just a few weeks she had total control of the pack. The German Shepards gave gave her no resistance. Then came the day. I had headed out for work and my girlfriend was getting ready for work. She always lets the dogs out one last time before she leaves. Jane was getting ready to leave and let the dogs out. As she let them out on the porch that overlooks our yard, she looked down and there it was, all 800 or 900 pounds of it! A moose!!!! Well, the dogs did an immediate to the rear march and about plowed Jane over trying to get back to their safe zone of the house. All of the dogs except, Parka! Jane looked down into the front yard just in time to see the rear of a moose entering the woods and then the little streak of white lightning close behind. Jane called and called for her,but as JRT owners know, when those dogs have their minds set it is set! Jane finally heard a yelp in the woods and Parka came out dragging her hind legs. At first Jane thought she had been stepped on, but we both decided she probably finally caught up with that moose and realized that she may be a 100 pound dog in a 10 pound body,but it she'd have to gain a few more pounds to tangle with a moose. She had been so scared at that instant, her back legs just went numb on her, but those front ones kept right on pumping.

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