Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Who needs those fancy toys?
From: Annastasia Webster

My Jack Russell Story:

My husband and I have a JRT named Nina. I have written about her here before. Well, we found a dog toy that she absolutely LOVES. Those of you who have house plants, you know those $.25 trays you can put under your plants to keep them from leaking on your floor? Well, try putting one of the clear ones on the floor in front of your JRT. Mine went nuts!! She couldn't figure out how she could see it, and yet she couldn't see it! She barked at it and circled around it and then my husband or I would slide it across the carpet and she would chase it and go crazy. She was afraid to touch it though. When we finally played with it enough to feel safe, she pounced on it and started ripping it to shreds. I can't believe how much entertainment we AND she got out of a $.25 item!!! Give it a try and see if you don't laugh until you fall off the couch!

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