Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Parka the Moose Hunter
From: Jane McClay/Rob McCaslin

My Jack Russell Story:

We are the proud owners of three Jack Russells and two German Shepherds. Each of our Shepherds is in excess of 100 pounds. Parka is our only female dog; she's also a Jack Russell in the truest sense, weighing in at a hefty 12 pounds. At the time of this story Parka was our only JR, and she was 4 1/2 months old.

Every morning we let our dogs out to relieve themselves. We live in the middle of the woods in Central Maine on Maranacook Lake. The dogs go out without a leash every morning.

On one particular morning, we let all our dogs out. As we walked out on the porch to watch and make sure everyone stayed on the property, our German shepherds came bounding up the steps onto our porch. We looked off to the corner of the lawn to see a moose running into the woods... and there was our tiny Parka running closely behind it. We screamed after her "Parka! No! Come back!" As our German shepherds sat cowering on the porch.

We heard Parka barking at the huge beast, when suddenly her fierce barks turned to what sounded like screams of pain. She came running out of the woods with her back legs dragging behind her. We were certain she'd been stepped on. Such a small dog was certainly no match for a 1,200 pound moose!

After a few minutes, Parka recovered. We discovered that she was merely in shock, and she hadn't been hurt at all. The moose didn't touch her.

We're lucky Parka was just a pup at the time, because she's grown to be even more fearless. Today she probably wouldn't stop the chase until the moose got tired!

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