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Story Name: Any Ideas re taking JRT to Deep Woods FL?
From: Arlene Charest

My Jack Russell Story:

We are going to spend several months this winter camping where Sarasota and DeSoto County meet, on our land, while be begin to build. And I will add here that we are building a very small, simple pole house that will not be interfering with the natural surroundings any more than absolutely necessary. The land is deep in a lovely wooded area, called a Messic Hammock, unpopulated by people, but inhabited by an incredible variety of "native Floridians" ranging from storks, cranes and herons to wild pigs and armidillos. And, of course, snakes. We camped here before Lily, our precious JRT came into our lives, so we are comfortable with the surroundings - but what kinds of precautions do you suggest we take with her besides heartworm pills and keeping her on a leash while we are on the property? We always had Labs and when out darling old gal died, we got Lily thinking that a tiny little dog wouldn't get into the kinds of trouble that the Lab would -- like swimming and being eaten by alligators, etc. HA HA Little did we know that we were getting a REALLY BIG dog (in a tiny body) and that a Lab would have been docile and timid compared with this tiger in kitty cat's clothing! Anyone with experience with JRTs in Florida might have some thoughts on the subject and I can sure use some relief from this pending anxiety. Thanks!

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