Jack Russell Story

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From: Wendy Wagoner

My Jack Russell Story:

I got Rudy three years ago. He was two months old various dog people told me to make sure what I was getting myself into. I have trained dogs all my life...labs, golden ret. etc. Rudy began training the day after I bought him. I made a real effort to make training FUN! As soon as he was old enough for Obedience school we signed up. It was rough at the beginning. Even at an early age, Rudy felt HE was in charge. A couple of Alpha Rolls later he understood I was in charge. All of our hard work paid off..At 7mon. Rudy took first place in his first dog show! This year, I entered him in a JRT state trial and again Rudy took first place...196 points out of 200! So, never let anyone tell you JRT's can't learn obedience. The real question is....Do YOU have the patience?

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