Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Underwear Bandit
From: Karen Rick

My Jack Russell Story:

I recently became the proud mother to an eight week old short-legged , smooth coat JRT. My baby, Ollie, is constantly into anything that interests him. One of my best friends is his adopted aunt. We went to visit Aunt Julie when Ollie was about three months old. She just returned home with an eight week old Bernese Mountain Dog. Ollie ran around her living room, making himself at home. The next thing I knew he ran into her bedroom and came out with a black bra in his mouth. Where do they find them? JRT's have a knack for finding the unmentionables. I told Ollie he was rude and his Aunt wouldn't want us to come back for another visit. He just looked at me then proceeded to "terrorize" the new puppy. I've had dogs all my life. After finding Ollie, I'll never have another breed. They are truly the best!

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