Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jack Russell Rescue
From: Michelle

My Jack Russell Story:

About 5 years ago my dog, possum, was stolen from my home. I was devastated and ran a picture and lost add in the paper. I received only one reply and headed straight to an elderly couples trailer park which did not allow animals. That is where I met my first jack russell, Toto. No she wasn't my dog so I left her there. I ended up going back a few minutes later I could not bear the though of her ending up at a shelter.. knowing how heart broken I was at the loss of my own dog I ran an add for Toto and lucky for me no one claimed her. Two years ago on october 24, Toto gave birth to 5 beautiful jack russell puppies of which I kept the first born who I named tater. I truly believe tater does not realize she is not my little girl sometimes I do get angry for someone calling her my pet or dog. both of my jack russels have helped me thru a lot of hard times. I do believe that someone had dropped Toto off because they did not have the patience to put up with her mischievous ways. If only they knew all the love they missed out on. Keep your eyes open for tater riding her tricycle.

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