Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Dog's day in Court..or Dog owner's!
From: Debbie

My Jack Russell Story:

When our puppy was about 5 months old, I had him in my yard and he suddenly took off after a loose larger dog in the neighborhood. I chased them until they were out of sight and then spent the rest of the day in my car searching for my puppy. It was cold with a mix and rain and snow. I gave out my car phone number to neighbors and told them to call me if they spotted him. I did not find my dog that day and when my kids got home from school they were devastated. I thought he was a goner but tried to reassure the kids that he would probably show up. The next day I continued to look. The weather was still nasty. About 1 PM I called the local Pound for the second time and they had my dog. I went and "sprung" him from dog jail and got 3 tickets in the process!!! I got a ticket for a dog running loose, unlicensed and no rabies shot. I explained to them that my vet didn't want to give the rabies shot until the dog was 6 months old and we had already scheduled an appointment because he was being neutered as well. No matter...they gave me the 3 tickets. I then decided to go to court over this dog. I get to court and am in there with drug dealers, people who written bad checks or have assaulted others. I get before the judge and explain that I am a responsible pet owner whose dog accidentally got loose while under my supervision and was grateful the city pound had been called to get him. We have since then put in an electric fence which works wonderfully and the judge "let me off". I was certainly out of place that day and by the way; I told the judge that the dog was a jack russell and he just smiled. I think he understood!!

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