Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jack and Baby
From: Debbie

My Jack Russell Story:

When our "Jack" was about 9 months old we got a new kitten named "Baby". We had 4 other cats that ran like heck if Jack was anywhere nearby. All but Baby. Baby would sit and look at him while he barked. Eventually Jack got closer and closer and these 2 would chew on each other forever. Jack would pull Baby around by his ear or tail. When Baby would have enough he would find a way to get a way to safety. Those 2 would occasionally sleep next to each other on the couch. After Baby was about 10 months he he became rather lethargic and we took him to the vet. He died on the examination table and the vet said he could not believe the cat had lived so long in its condition. Baby had F.I.P. and had had it some time. Even though this cat was sick he still played with the dog up until a week before he died. Jack missed Baby and the other cats stay on the top bunk bed until Jack goes outside.

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