Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Jack Russell Terrorist
From: Barbara Johnson

My Jack Russell Story:

My son Seth, wanted a Jack Russell puppy for his 13th. birthday. And as a loving mother, (that I am,) I made sure he had himself one. Boy, to see the joy in his eyes, that day, ahhh the searching for the pup,and the long trip to pick him up was worth it.
I thought !

Seth played and played with his puppy, he named Buster, (which was quite appropriate, i might add!) the whole day, and night long!

Well, needless to say...Buster is quite a monster, through and through.

First of all, we would attempt to potty train this little devil, to no avail! Carefully, taking the perpetual pup, outside to potty, only to have him return to pee on my clean carpet! O he loves to poop in the laundry room, and my side of the bedroom, the bath, under the plant stand in the kitchen, you get the picture. Then the little scamp,will find anything to rip to shreds....a rug,a towel,my daughter's bra, toilet paper rolls, kitty litter box, the kitty, the litter bag,(all over the house) our chins, our socks, even with our feet still in them,his food dish,our other dogs, you name it ...he will find some way to tear it to shreds. Ahh ya ...he loves to dig up my flower beds too! Besides all this..we think he's crazy, loco, he needs some help! he races around the house at top speed, and attacks us..mostly when were sleeping...

He amazes us more everyday, with his psychopathic personality, and charm.

We love Buster. For his crazy little self, we hope someday he'll be potty trained. but for now..at night he sleeps in a very deep barrel,(cause he will escape if anything is less) and shred my house plants and everything we own. I'm sure he's just teething, for now thou, our littlest family member, the Jack Russell Terrorist, will have a very, educated, watchful eye on him from this day forward.

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