Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Huxley the dog with 9 lives!
From: Shannon

My Jack Russell Story:

My mom was about to go to her friends house across the yard to show her my moms teeth she just got her braces off.She decided to take Huxley with her so she went out side.And then suddenly Huxley ran in the opposite direction!

So my mom went looking for him. She finally found him across the road she called his name but he wouldn't come . She called his name one more time and then suddenly out of nowhere this big black car was driving up the street just as Huxley came walking across the road! Then all of a sudden we heard Huxley scream! he got up limping to my mom when we got inside there was a big tiremark on his back but Huxley was fine. How is that possible that he isn't even bleeding?


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