Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Super Guard Dog Sampson
From: Stelle Smith

My Jack Russell Story:

Sampson is an 11 month male JRT. He has the sweetest disposition and although he acts like a real tough guy, his tail is always wagging and he is never mean or crabby. One morning at 5:00am, Sam starts growling and barking for no apparent reason. As the minutes go by, Sam is getting more and more upset with his tail tucked between his legs and his ears slicked back. My wife and I wake up to see what was the matter with Sammy. Sammy goes to the apartment door and starts scratching and barking and whining. Then, we heard screaming. My wife called the police and they came in and broke down the door of the apartment downstairs. Inside, a man had turned on the water in his bathroom so that no one could hear him beat his wife and children. The police took away the man and the family is fine thanks to Super Sam. As the man was being placed in the police car, Sammy got loose and ran right to the jerk and took a big bite out of the man's groin!!!

Good Job Sammy

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